School Holiday Programs & Specialist Coaching

We have coaches on the Empire Team as well as a number of pros and expert coaches working with us to help us deliver a great coaching experience that will have you landing that new learn in no time!

Mid Year Holidays

Scooter Coaching Program



These are generally aimed at our younger riders (ages 5 and up) who are wanting to learn to roll in and drop into the smaller ramps with confidence and safety. We are one of the only parks in Australia to have the smaller secion ( We call “The Mellows”) ideal for the younger rider. With a heavy focus on the fundamentals and park etiquette to ensure these riders put safety first and have the foundations on which to build. These are also great fun and an opportunity to mix with the pro’s of the sport who just love seeing young riders enter the sport


For riders that are confident dropping in on the ramps and are looking to further develop their tricks. Riders looking to move on to more advanced tricks, the guidance from our expert coaches will allow them to progress quickly, confidently and safely. For both quick progression and safety reasons that these are attempted in the right sequence and only once the basics are understood. Our pro’s can ensure a safe, fun and fast proghression.


For the very confident rider that can already perform 2 or 3 trick combo’s. Our pro’s are some of the best ranked riders in the world and can help advanced riders take it to the next level. Our team can also assist in planning, advice and training for competition runs.


Our resident BMX pro Dan Thomerson is running both small group and one on one coaching sessions for those new to the sport as well as those looking to build their current capability.


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Our Coaches

MAX PETERS - International superstar and OG of scooting!


Dylan is a professional rider for AO scooters and is an Australian Champion and 3 times World Best Trick holder. Dylan spends much of the year riding in international competitions as well as events such as Nitro Games. Dylan is a technical rider and this style, as well as his passion for young people in the sport provides some of the best coaching available in the world here at Empire!

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